Supported by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals, Millennium Shipping and Trading has the ability to operate all types of cargo and tankers vessels. All the crew of vessels handled are necessary and mandatory certification is needed, because we have great care in selecting personnel to be sent to operate the ships to where they are sent.

Ships are inspected at regular intervals of three months by the technical superintendent to ensure close monitoring activity on board. Based computer systems used to monitor the performance of ships. Data sent by ships land is analyzed to optimize the speed of a ship and consumer performance.

Millennium Shipping and Trading has the flexibility to meet the needs of all boat owners, providing regular reports and accounting technicians. We aim to provide any information you need – at any time. Operating costs of the vessels are closely monitored to ensure expenditures remain within budget at all times.

Our company has the ability to arrange repairs afloat.


Millennium Shipping and Trading is committed to comply with ISM Code, STCW 76/93 as amended and MLC2006 providing all qualified and experienced staff to be the crew of all ships.


Millennium Shipping and Trading Services to owners and shipping companies as an ISM Company to attend ISM Code matters on board a ship, as well as ISPS Code.


Our company offers superintendence services for special projects such as conversions, preparing dry dock specifications and attending dry dock repairs, etc., can also provide experienced Port Captains to supervise loading / discharging operations of dry cargo and tank vessels or cargo hold / cargo tank cleaning operations.

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