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Millennium Shipping and Trading.
Av. Larco 743 de. 703 Miraflores (Lima18) Perú

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THE MILLENNIUM SHIPPING AND TRADING SAC was founded in 2008, currently staffed with highly qualified and with extensive experience in national and international shipping, as captains of merchant ships, machine heads, auditors and inspectors, national and international shipping.


Today both shipowners and shipping companies must do to be more competitive in the business, since some are in a more advantageous position than others either by the election of the country where they will operate advantage of obtaining grants and tax laws, including in the purchase of new vessels, etc. And the only way to survive is to be more efficient than others, is where we intervene, a shipping company, specializing in solid and reliable management of all types of vessels either at the administrative and the operational side, where one of our many services including the operation of ships with strict controls and standards, which involved highly trained personnel to maintain the same systems, reducing the operational costs.

We also see that each type of organization has its own terminology, standards, objectives, but in essence, the theories and management practices that offer can be applied to each of them, including the fleets of the major maritime nations have recognized for time management also has problems that need resolution. These management experts need to find ways to improve efficiency and to address the various problems that arise, such as a waste of personnel and other